Sunday, September 9

Our Walgreens Shopping Trip

As Susan mentioned we went on an early shopping trip Sunday morning. This is what I got today. 

This is what $114.71 worth of product looks like and only $19.96 OOP…..

                                     3 Gillette Pro-Glide Razors
                                     3 Boxes of Kellogg’s Cereal
                                     8 Bottles of Suave Shampoo/Conditioner
                                     6 Bottles of Dawn dish liquid
                                    12 Bars of Ivory soap
                                    2 Carmex pomegranate
                                    3 Bottles of wet & wild nail polish
                                    2 Woolite stomp ‘n go
                                    Oxy clinical hydrating therapy (clearance)
                                    Loreal magic perfecting base (clearance)
                                    3 walgreens facial tissue (filler)
  Nice gelatin dessert (filler)

As a couponer some cashiers are not so nice. 

It’s definitely a change of pace to get someone who is helpful and happy.
Today we had the absolute best cashier at Walgreens in Moon.

Her name is Casey. She made my trip delightful. Definitely makes me want to go back to that store.

Go and see her and tell her Couponlicious sent you.

Thanks Casey!!!

Happy Couponing!!

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